Hello and welcome to Jane Lee Photography. I am Jane, and I am a family portrait, wedding and lifestyle photographer.

I studied art and design in Art college, working as a graphic designer before I got married and then became a portrait painter when my children started school. Consequently photography has always been part of my professional job requirement, as well as a lifelong hobby. In 2011, both of my children left home to study at university, so I started a cookery blog in which I cooked, wrote and took photographs of the food I made at home to share with my children and friends. This lead to my winning a major cooking competition that same year in Hong Kong, followed by two cookery books published in Taiwan in March 2014 and in January 2016. For details, please visit my food blog: http://www.ricebowltales.com/

In 2013, a lovely young lady whom I had known since she was a teenager got engaged, and she asked me to be her wedding photographer for her wedding ceremony which was to take place in 2015. This has given me the desire and motivation to turn my lifelong artistic and photographic training and experience into a professional service. With over 35 years of practice in capturing everything under the sun, I am ready and excited to finally become a portrait and wedding photographer.

I hope that after seeing the galleries of my work here, you'll appreciate what I do; my work's qualities, my devotion and dedication to capturing and preserving your loving moments.


" If a photographer cares about the people before the lens and is compassionate, much is given. It is the photographer not the camera that is the instrument."

- Eve Arnold